Single-phase and three-phase storage systems

Batteries (lead and lithium) and electrochemical storage systems represent excellent technologies to maximize the share of self-consumed electricity from your photovoltaic system thus opening a smart grid perspective on a residential level. The storage systems can be installed in both new and existing systems, both on the high AC and on the DC side. The possible configurations are foreseen by the CEI 0 21 standard as per the following diagram:


Andromeda is the global solution for smart grid. Can provide all network services, manage private electricity grids, photovoltaic and wind systems both on-grid and off-grid, infrastructure for charging electric vehicles In a point of view Vehicle to Grid and dialogue with different devices in a perspective IoT.

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Off-grid PV

Customized solutions for non-electrified areas and particular applications

The PM Service team is able to propose ad-hoc technological solutions for the production of electricity independent of the national electricity grid.


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