Solutions for the monitoring and management of photovoltaic systems, independent of the manufacturer.

Home automation

To conveniently remotely control all the devices in your energy system, PM Service provides you with the best solutions on the market.

Solutions that can be integrated with PV systems, electrical and thermal storage systems and Home Automation systems for: private homes, companies, offices, shops and showrooms.

Here is a list of enabling technologies that PM Service can make available to you:

  • Immersion Resistance Regulators
  • Socket with Counter and AC Switch with Counter
  • Dry Contact Switches
  • ZigBee module for home automation control
  • Actuators and Sensors with relative modules
  • Motion detectors and thermostats
  • System Access Point
  • Regulation systems for blinds, lights, heating and air conditioning

Energy Communities

Thanks to energy digitization and to technologies capable of doing to communicate production plants, storage and consumption assets of different users, your home can be connected to one community where is it clean energy it is produced, accumulated and distributed among a network of people, with concrete benefits.


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