This year the big news consists in having doubled the competition; there will indeed be a competition dedicated exclusively to Italian projects and one dedicated to all projects in Latin America.

The goal is, once again, to highlight i high-impact photovoltaic projects in the distributed generation segment of the photovoltaic sector in Italy and Latin America, built with JinkoSolar modules during the year 2022.

“As a company, we believe that supporting and recognizing the best innovative and sustainable projects in the photovoltaic sector is fundamental for the progress of the sector” comments Beatrice Galeotti, Marketing Manager for Italy and Latin America of JinkoSolar, and continues "That's why it's worth being part of this competition, which will showcase the hard work, dedication and tangible results of companies and organizations in the sector."

Each of the two contests is divided into 3 categories and the most deserving projects in each category will receive a special prize as well as being mentioned in newsletters and sector articles. All evaluation criteria are available on the competition website.

PM Service encourages all our clients to submit your completed projects by February 12, 2023 (Construction completion date must be between February 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022).

They participate at the JinkoSolar DG Awards 2022 Latam & Italy, not only will you be able to showcase your work to a wider audience, but you will also be contributing toIncrease the growth and development of the renewable energy sector.

Don't miss this opportunity and participate in the 2022 JinkoSolar DG Awards today!

Visit the Jinko Solar Awards website, upload your project and win!

48V SolarEdge Home battery

Battery 48V SolarEdge Home easily connects to the inverter Three-phase hub, to the inverter three-phase StorEdge and atbackup interface optional to provide power when needed.

The DC coupled solution offers anhigh overall efficiency of the system and therefore a greater amount of energy stored thanks to fewer conversions.

Using up to 5 modules, the capacity can go up to 23 kWh.

The battery also has several safety features:

  • Continuous protection by measuring and monitoring current and voltage.
  • A series of integrated temperature sensors that minimize the risk of battery overheating.

The SolarEdge Home Battery 48V is compatible with the SolarEdge Home three-phase Hub inverter (SE*K-RWB48) and with the three-phase StorEdge inverters (SE*K-RWS), starting from the production date WW 30/2021.