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24/06/22 | Italia Solare presents: Agro-photovoltaics: a sustainable solution

24/06 from 9:30 to 13:00
Events Room - Opificio Innova c / o Manifattura Tabacchi in
Viale Regina Margherita 33 - Cagliari
A very topical issue for the national economy is how to maximize the synergy between the agricultural and energy sectors. 

The PNRR broadly contemplates this need and makes huge amounts available funds for the realization of iphotovoltaic systems for the benefit of farmers. The systems agro-photovoltaic they are a solution capable of responding to multiple needs: they produce clean electricitysupport the decarbonization process both of the energy and agricultural sectors, allow the enhancement of the territory thanks to the dual use of the same. 

Agro-photovoltaic systems they do not reduce the cultivable area, but create important synergies between the agricultural and energy sectors. The attention of the legislator towards these solutions is always higher and the legislation is, also thanks to the contribution of ITALY SOLAR, under definition. 

During the conference we will analyze some development scenarios related to the political debate, we will present the opportunities for farmers and we will show what has been implemented to date by bringing examples and case studies.

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