PM Service is pleased to invite you to the next dates of the ZCS Azzurro Roadshow 2022 tour, dedicated to professionals in the sector, in which the entire range of products will be illustrated and technical issues related to all Azzurro ZCS products will be discussed in order to increase skills. of installers.

In order to receive the certificate "Certified Azzurro ZCS Installer" you must participate in the full day of training.

  • Padua, June 7  taken Galzignano Terme Golf Resort 
  • Trento, 8 June took Cantine Ferrari

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Here comes the call for "Energy Income" for those who live in Puglia 

New bonuses and help to install a photovoltaic system or another renewable energy system in Puglia.

Energy efficiency thus opens up to families with an income of less than 20,000 euros per year, who can take advantage of the bonus to obtain a more functional energy system. The measure provides for a fund of € 6.8 million, for a family contribution of 6 thousand euros (VAT included) which reaches 8,500 euros in the case of a storage system.

Who is it for?

The economic bonus for photovoltaics, in the form of a discount, it is intended for users residing or domiciled for at least one year in the Puglia region. The essential requirement to be able to ask is to have a Isee income not exceeding 20 thousand euros for the year 2022. Furthermore, those who request it must not benefit from other concessions at the municipal, regional or state level in terms of energy efficiency. Also included in this limit is the Superbonus 100% and other measures to deduct the tax credit.

Those who intend to install a photovoltaic system or other renewable energy source (photovoltaic, thermo photovoltaic or wind), can request the bonus on purchase and installation.

summary of requirements for residents of the Puglia region:

  • end customers and holders of electricity delivery points for domestic use, owners or holders of real rights of usufruct, use, dwelling, or surface right, of independent housing units, not in condominiums, located in the regional territory;
  • end customers and holders of electricity delivery points for domestic use, owners or holders of the right of usufruct, use, housing, or surface right on real estate units that are part of condominium buildings located in the regional territory. In this case, installation is allowed on the flat roof, on any other suitable common surface and on the parts of the individual property of the person concerned;
  • condominiums, as defined by Legislative Decree 4 July 2014, n. 102 "Implementation of Directive 2012/27 / EU on energy efficiency" (heat accounting), located in the regional territory, for users relating to the consumption of electricity for the operation of systems for condominium use.

Be careful though another requirement, this time technical, is the power limit of the system which must not be less than 1.8 kW of electricity. A non-repayable grant is envisaged for this type of plant up to 6,000 euros.

As stated in the call called Energy income, the bonus allows you to purchase and install photovoltaic, solar thermo-photovoltaic and micro-wind systems. This support does not only apply to independent houses, but also for the plants in use condominium. To reach the maximum discount of 8,500 euros you must also request the purchase and installation of a storage system, which ensures an extra 2,500 euros of support.

How to benefit from the call?

To request the bonus for the purchase and installation of a photovoltaic system, you can submit the application for registration on the telematic platform of the site of the Puglia region created specifically ( / web / energy-policies /home).

The application can be completed starting May 25, 2022 and up to August 22, 2022.


The events in attendance are restarting, with dates already set throughout Italy. Meet the team SolarEdge and discover all the news of the complete offer for the residential and commercial market. Are you active in the photovoltaic sector? Then you are invited to the SolarEdge Roadshow 2022.

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The role of accumulations in Renewable Energy Communities

The date of the new stage of the ITALIA SOLARE TOUR 2022 is approaching.

In the Milan appointment they will take stock of the experiences made to date by energy communities, focusing on attention to storage systems in support of the same.

They will also look at the meaning that the indications contained in the implementing decree will assume, which should be published shortly and whose objective should be to favor a wider development of energy communities throughout the national territory.